For me, writing is able to convey far more than I could ever say in speech. Writing is vulnerable and brave and scary and fun. Writing also sorts my thoughts and sometimes reminds me what I believe in.

This blog was started so that I could document my life in Cambodia and the adventures that come with living in a Third-World Country. I work at SHE Rescue Home www.itsnotok.com

This is me. 

I'm imperfect and terrible at practicing vulnerability. But I am enough. 

I'm a tiny bit addicted to Pinterest. 

I love babies and cake and tiny fluffy animals. 

I hate injustice and trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

I Instagram the strange things I stumble across in life @littlelaceyg

I'm very short... so Asia is really the best place for me

I can't draw... Unless you're looking for stick figures

I reply to emails, unless you're Spam or trying to sell me viagra - laceygarratt@gmail.com

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