Monday, 24 March 2014

DIY: Bat Wing Cardigan

I should be studying. So instead my brain told me the most logical thing to do was a random sewing creation. As always I followed the advise of my procrastinating brain and created a chiffon cardigan. It's super easy and only took one metre of fabric!!

 First cut your fabric to size - I did mine at 1x1.2m but this may vary depending on your size.

Next serge and hem all of your edges.

*note to self* - when your machine starts making clunking noises, don't just hope for the best and keep sewing... It will create a line of knots that you will end up having to unpick :(

Next fold your fabric in half lengthwise and pin the two corners as below.

Next sew across those two corners (you could do this by hand if you want as it only needs a couple of stitches).

And you're done!! Easiest top ever! The best kind of procrastination!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Warrior Heart

My heart feels walled in and hidden, longing to be free but trapped in a world of doing and feeling all too much to continue in its vulnerable state. A wild heart not built for a cage, yet escape may mean a breaking and a shattering. It may never recover. But then again, maybe it was never meant to be whole. Maybe in brokenness it can be true and wild, free yet ever-broken, ever-feeling, ever-painful. Knowing too much yet caring even more. A heart that doesn't just survive this harsh world, but one that bleeds for it yet also gives life to it. #carryonwarrior