Thursday, 27 June 2013

Me and my giant cubby house

I spotted a quote the other day which I can't reference or quote properly because I didn't take notice of who said it. But it went along the lines of: it's easy for us to step down into poverty, when we always have our fallback of comfortable living waiting for us.

There are so many times where I have tried to work out what it must be for those who have next to nothing. Things like 40 hour famine or Live Below the Line, or visiting those out in the poorest areas of Cambodia. These things give me the tiniest of glimpses into their worlds. But the thing is that I know that is not where I will stay. Once that 40 hours is over, I will have a meal waiting. Once the challenge has finished, all of my comforts are right where they were before, waiting for me to pick them up once again.

Back here in Australia, the comforts of my world smack me in the face. Last weekend I visited my parents house and was looking up at my childhood cubby house. It was bigger and better quality than many, many houses that I've seen in Cambodia.

I've never viewed myself as wealthy. But there's no other way that I can describe my life in comparison to so many of those that I have met. There is no other way that I can comprehend the huge gap between my life, and the lives of many others.

I am rich in so many ways. I only hope that I will continue to recognise that.

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