Sunday, 27 January 2013

10 Reasons Why My Sister is Better Than Yours

My sister is one of the greatest people I know. And this is why:

1. We share the same fantastic genetics. Which means she is really really ridiculously good-looking.

2. She never judges when I buy a taxidermied baby crocodile that died of natural causes. Instead she enables me and goes and buys Charles a top hat.

3. She can make me laugh. Always. More than anyone else can.

4. She has a heart of gold and is so wise.

5. She forgave me for wanting to swap her when she was born because I liked the babies in the other room.

6. I guessed her engagement... And then didn't believe her when it was real...

 Two hours later... 

7. She loves onesies probably even more than I do!

8. We have conversations like these. All of the time.

9. I threatened to throw a rabid face-eating monkey at the fiance... Twice... And she still hasn't disowned me.

10. I make speeches that cause this face. And yet again, she still hasn't disowned me.

And I'm stopping at 10 but really I'm only just getting started. 
Moral of the story - Izy is awesome. And I love her. Best sister ever. 

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