Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas in Cambodia

This year I had the best Christmas ever.

The lead-up to Christmas everyone was attempting to prepare me for a lonely, depressing Christmas away from everyone. Whereas I was really excited - I got to spend all day just hanging out with and spoiling a big group of girls whom I absolutely adore. I was so excited to be here for Christmas.

And Christmas did not disappoint. It was great fun starting with the girls dressing up like princesses to open their presents. (And myself dressing up in a child-sized Santa suit). We then opened the front door for them to see a giant water park that we had set up in the front yard - water balloons, water pistols, pools, slides, and slime. It was insanity and it was great!! After drenching them with water thrown off the balcony whilst they lined up for a photo they started running around playing and didn't stop.

We ended the day with dancing and cuddles and a very full, happy heart.

Being away from family and friends for Christmas, I couldn't have asked for a greater substitute - 24 girls who were excited by the smallest things on the day. I hear the horrific stories of their past, but in them I see such incredible love, potential, and grace. They are incredible and I am so blessed to be a part of their lives.

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  1. Love it that you have such a kind heart, and to be able to give love in such a small thing that seems like the greatest gift they could ever asked for. Lacey i pray for the continuing care of these gorgeous kids you are providing a home for, that they grow more into christ and to be re intergrated to there families and to uphold there spiritual love for the one above in heaven who died and cared for them so much. Love the work Lacey your doing me proud hun.