Monday, 8 October 2012

Thoughts on Healing

Today I was pondering the concept of healing. What does it look like? How does one know that they are there?

Or is it maybe that healing is experienced in each step we take in living in this crazy life. A choice to move forward. A choice to walk beyond. A choice to live.

Our feet may carry some dust from the past, but that in itself does not hinder us. The act of walking forwards has broken off the heavy, solid chunks of mud that had held us down. Maybe some people have helped break that off along the way. But in time, all that remains is dust.

I don't know when it is that my feet will be washed. Or if that is even needed. What I do know is that the dust does not hinder me nor capture me. It simply reminds me of a place I have walked away from.

And as I look down at my feet I see the place that I now stand. Dirty feet and all, I made it. I walked it. I walk on.

1 comment:

  1. I was just today thinking about my own healing and how in different stages of my life i've felt completely healed in an instant and in others I've looked back at my life only to realise that the 'thing' I felt holding me back was no longer there.

    Weird. and awesome!