Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ghosts, Family, Prayer

This weekend/week in Cambodia is Pchum Ben festival. The festival goes for up to two weeks and is a time in Cambodia where the people pay their respects to their dead ancestors. The Khmer people believe that at this time the gates of hell open up and the ghosts of their relatives are very active. Food offerings are made to these relatives to avoid them cursing you for the next year. The Buddhists also believe that ancestors who are residing in heaven also benefit in some way from these offerings.

This is a time in the nation of both beauty in seeing such community and family-togetherness. However it is also a time of spiritual heaviness and fear among many people. It is not uncommon to be awoken at 3am to the sounds of chanting or wailing as the monks chant throughout the night. In a nation that already has a spiritual heaviness, times like these festivals are especially oppressing.

Please pray over this nation during this time. Please also pray over those of us who are working within the nation. My dream is to see a time like this, of beautiful community, to be a time centered around Christ. A time where people come together to celebrate God's goodness with their family and community. A time where God is praised for who He is.

I declare that over this nation and ask that you do too.

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