Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Birthday Fun in Cambodia

Last Sunday I had my first Cambodian birthday. I was spoilt and loved on and felt ridiculously blessed. And I pretty much ate cake all day... I lie... All week.

My birthday kind of started the weekend before when I took my favourite American / adopted big sister to Kep. (Kep is code word for The Most Beautiful Place Ever).

We arrived at Kep after four hours on a bus and first adventure was our tuktuk breaking down halfway up the hill to our hotel. Our driver proceeded to lug all of our luggage up the hill to reception. And then...

I booked the hotel room for the wrong weekend. Fail. The hotel was totally booked out. Fail. The guy at reception was French and very good looking. Totally worth it.

Our poor tuktuk driver carried our luggage the whole way back down the hill to his tuktuk and then we rolled the rest of the way down the hill before he was finally able to get it started.

Long story short we found another amazing bungalow for half the price and just as much awesome.

Then came the first birthday present. Steve the Starfish.

Isn't he pretty??

We spent the day on an island and went swimming where we stumbled upon him. JJ suggested keeping him. I don't have a fishtank. The only other way was to keep him as a dried starfish. Dead dried starfish. Steve went back in the water.

Kep doesn't have cake so Oreos are a pretty close second. Apparently monkeys think so too. They tried to steal them from under the moto seat.

Monkeys are jerks. Hungry, oreo-loving jerks.

And then one week later came... CAKE!!!!

Covered in buttons and sewing materials and all things cute and wonderful. And filled with heaven (aka red velvet). Birthday happiness!

After gorging ourselves on cake we went to the theme park where I won Oliver.

And by won I mean we really really really sucked at darts so we just asked the lady how much it would be to buy him because I was determined to go home with a duck.

Example #1 of our terrible dart skills

Then I got whiplash on the dodgem cars. I blame Jenny.

All in all it was the best Cambodian birthday I could have imagined surrounded by the most fun-loving and cake-loving people. Birthday love. Happy heart.

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  1. I was going to report you to the RSPCSA (Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals)... but then I realised it's your birthday! And you're blog made me LOL!

    Glad it was a good day... er... week!!! Love ur work!