Friday, 13 July 2012

Little Girl

Deep dark eyes
Full of stories
That none can see
None can know

Deep dark eyes
Try to hide
Push those hurts
Down below

Deep dark eyes
Full of tears
Yet not knowing
How to cry

Deep dark eyes
Never knowing
The world within
A lullaby

You took my hand
Took my heart
Pulled me down
Into your world

Showed me 'round
In your life
A broken, hurting
Little Girl

Help me, save me
She cries out
Hold me, take me
Let me out

Out of this cage
Out of this life
Out of this body
Out from this fight

Breathless, numb
Yet still in pain
A child taken
Not seen again

In her place
Stands so small
A little girl
With a story so tall

Deep dark eyes
Hiding, hurting
Wishing they
Were gone from here

Deep dark eyes
Please don't go
I wish you could see
There's something here

Something more
Than hurt or pain
Maybe you
Can smile again

Strengthened, emboldened
Little girl
Please oh please
Don't leave this world.

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