Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chatting with Mr Frog

Tonight I was treading water in a pool, late at night, on my own, and I sparked up a conversation with a little frog sitting a metre away from me.

“Mister Frog, sometimes I wish I could trade places with you. You sit around all day, croaking and hanging out with all your froggy friends; your life seems very simple. I guess on the downside you are often hated on by people. I myself would probably not enjoy your presence very much if you were sitting any closer to me. I wonder if you even care what people think. Or is that only a trait that we humans seem to possess”

Mister Froggy looked back at me:
“Who is this strange human staring at me? I guess she isn’t screaming or throwing things at me so that’s a definite positive. What I she doing anyway, chattering away to a frog? And treading water at the same time – do these humans even know how to be still? Do they not know the simplicity of just sitting, croaking, being content with doing nothing?”

And then I had an epiphany… From chatting with a frog… Yep.

A verse I have fallen in love with lately is Exodus 14:14 – The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. When was it that we stopped being still, that I stopped being still? When did doing become more important than being? When did stopping and resting become a task, something that has to be scheduled in? Even then, so often that ‘resting’ involves activity. Often it takes all of my will to just stop, sit, and do nothing, think nothing, have to be nothing. And generally it’s only a few minutes before I’m restless, looking for something to do.

So tonight I envied that little frog. I envied that he spends every night simply sitting, croaking away to his buddies, and staring at the strange white girl talking to him.

As I walked away I thanked him... and stopped myself from screaming as he hopped towards me. 

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