Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Weekend in Vietnam

I had a long weekend this week so took a $12 bus and travelled to another country - into Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

I thought that this would be a great opportunity to explore Vietnam. What I didn't realise was how refreshing it would be and how much like a holiday it would be.

I spent the weekend with my cousin who lives in Ho Chi Minh and stayed in his apartment. It was the smallest of things that were refreshing and exciting - being able to brush my teeth using tap water, flushing toilet paper, having a real shower - all the conveniences of the west that I have been missing in Cambodia.

And then there was the fact that my phone was not working. And Facebook is also not accessible in Vietnam due to their communist government blocking it. And I was also completely unaware of time, having no plans, no schedule, no deadlines. I relaxed and wandered and immersed myself in the culture of 'Asia time'.

And the I just took in the greenery of the city. The district where I was staying was full of trees and plants and the beauty of nature. Compared to Phnom Penh with its dirt and dust and almost no greenery, Ho Chi Minh was a beautiful sanctuary. I sat and watched and breathed in nature. Refreshing and beautiful.

But I did not fall in love with Vietnam like I did with Cambodia. It was an amazing place and I will definitely visit it again, however it did not capture me, draw me towards it like Cambodia did.

It refreshed me. It gave me a holiday, a weekend away. However by the end of the weekend Cambodia was calling me back. I was ready to go back. There is something about Cambodia that draws me there, something that not even Vietnam's beauty could surpass. It is home.

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