Sunday, 22 April 2012

Twelve hours in Cambodia

It's so hard to try give a glimpse of Cambodia to those who have never been. There is truly nothing to compare it to - life here is so far removed from life in Australia. Alas I shall try give a glimpse into 12 hours of my Cambodia adventures.

Last night a wedding was happening directly outside my window. Now instantly in your minds you are thinking 'aww how lovely'. Wrong. Weddings in Cambodia are pretty much giant tents which they set up blocking off a whole street. They bang around and construct it all day and then around 6pm the celebrations start. There is loud Khmer music, dancing, yelling, speeches. Now I'm not even sure how to describe Khmer music to those who have never experienced it. But I'll give it a shot.

It's terrible. Like the 'my eardrums are about to commit suicide' kind of terrible. Worst. Music. Ever.

So this was the music that was blasting into my room (and pretty much our whole building) last night. You know those moments when you need to laugh or else you will cry? Well last night was similar. But more of an 'if you don't giggle and dance you will scream' kind of moment. So that's how I ended up dancing around my room to the worlds worst music instead of sleeping. It was awesome. And weird. One of those only in Cambodia moments.

And now this morning I find myself on a bus to Kep (a beach meets forest kind of place). I'm calling it my mini eat-pray-love weekend. And I'm going to get a tan so I'm not the pastiest person in all of Cambodia. Best weekend ever.

So I jump on this bus and get a seat (which is quite fortunate considering the amount of people who are left standing for the 3-4hr trip). My allocated seat is right up the front of the bus so I jump on thinking yay I'm going to have a great view of the beautiful scenery!

I did get scenery views. And it was beautiful. However I'm unsure if I ever want to travel on a Cambodian bus ever again. Sitting front seat also meant I saw how we were driving. I stil don't know how anyone hasn't died this whole bus trip. Now everyone here tells me that I'm insane riding in traffic because I'm the person who will just head out in the road on my pushbike and zigzag my way between the traffic until I get to the other side whilst everyone else waits for a gap in the traffic and prays I don't get hit by a car. They say I'm an insane driver, I say I'm a creative driver. We've agreed to disagree.

But this bus driver is way beyond creative! He is just plain suicidal... Or homicidal. I'm still not sure. Because we're the biggest thing on the road pretty much everyone just needs to give way to us, so he just honks his horn and barges his way through anything! I still don't know how we haven't hit anyone head on yet. Next time I'm totally requesting a seat near the back where I can't see anything.

So I'm going to spend the rest of the trip with my iPod blocking out the Khmer pop music in the bus. And then I shall arrive at Kep and get all relaxed and tanned and ready to head back to the city.

And now I'm not sure how to end this blog post. But I guess I can just say that this is only a 12 hour peek into my life and that 12 hours finished at a weird time with no ending. Sorry about that.

Disclaimer: I am an awesome driver. So don't freak out parental unit. And also I haven't heard of any bus crashes in Cambodia yet. So I think I'm pretty safe. Mum just take a few deep breathes and remember that I'm great at looking after myself. And staying alive.

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  1. Love your adventures Lacey. Stay safe. We are praying for you! Love A. Kathy