Friday, 6 April 2012

Suffering. Pain. Sacrifice.

Today is Good Friday. I wonder where that name came from. Because this day was never really good was it? Yes we can say that it is good because it is the day that Jesus died for us in order to give us freedom and eternal life. But on that day no-one was celebrating. Sunday had not yet come. Friday was mourning. Friday was suffering.

Friday was not the typical photo-shopped, beautiful looking Jesus calmly hanging there on a cross. Friday was blood, tears, agony. Friday was death, mourning, hopelessness. Friday was not celebration.

It makes me think of how often we try to look past the suffering. At funerals we are told to celebrate because our loved one is in heaven. When a tragedy happens, someone always finds a way to put a positive spin on it. Sometimes we're so focussed on healing people that we forget to recognise the agony that they are currently in.

But we suffer. We are human. Sometimes life hurts so bad that it's hard to see past that. And in that hurt it is empathy that I am usually seeking. It is someone to sit there, be there, sometimes not even having to say a word. In that place it doesn't usually help for someone to give me the positive spin, tell me that it will all work out for good. In that place it is someone trying to put themselves in my own shoes that always means the most.

I wonder what it is that makes our culture (and not only Christians) avoid the talk of pain, run from suffering. Yeah it hurts, but doesn't it hurt even more to be alone in it? Can't we help both ourselves and others with our voices? Sometimes 'me too' is the most comforting thing that anyone could ever say.

This post may seem quite melancholy - I've been told before that I think too much and it's depressing. But I see the suffering. I have felt the suffering. And to ignore that and ignore that in others is to foster loneliness within suffering. I can't do that. For myself or for anyone else.

I believe healing, freedom, and peace will come. But I also know pain. I see both. We need to see both. We are human. We hurt. Jesus wept.

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